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Yes - Going For The One
It shouldn't be under-estimated just how loving and loyal the Yes fan-base actually were. Yes took time out to do other stuff, solo albums, etc. And, those Solo albums are stories in themselves! Even Patrick Moraz found himself within the UK top thirty with his 'I Patrick Moraz' album. Drummer Alan White released a solo album in 1975 that reached number 41 on the UK charts, and he'd only been in Yes a few years. Beggars belief, really. Chris Squire and Steve Howe both released solo albums, both helped out by Patrick Moraz and both enjoyed top thirty UK album chart placings! Jon Anderson, the man, went top ten with his solo effort and also broke the US top fifty. Er, departed keyboardist Rick Wakeman? His 'Journey To The Centre Of The Earth', released in May 1974, topped the UK album charts. That was the same month this reviewer was born, and quite frankly i'm horrified! Rick went on to have a further two top ten charting albums, before re-joining Yes to replace Patrick Moraz, in time for this comeback Yes album, in the wake of punk rock. And, you know what? Yes do pretty damn well. The opening title song is one of the best things they ever did - oblivious to all musical fashions around them, just doing their stuff. Well, the song opens with a little Rock N Roll guitar, and the album as a whole has five songs as opposed to the 'usual' Yes three songs. Maybe that was some nod towards punk? Ha! The title song is pure Yes, one of the better Yes songs, suffice to say. Astonishing Steve Howe guitar and Jon Anderson in absolute top form. They'd been away? I didn't notice!

Oh, gee. Love and adore the guitar on the ballad 'Turn Of The Century'. Love Jon Andersons voice and typical Jon Anderson vocal melodies. Even adore Rick Wakeman! He does just fine, and Yes are moving and grooving in ballad stylee in the face of a Punk onslaught and a massive backlash towards Prog acts in general. Says something, doesn't it? 'Going For The One' was a big selling album. Says something, doesn't it? 'Wonderous Stories' was even a hit single! Jesus, it's only four minutes long, too! Jon Anderson puts in all those pop melodies, the guy liked pop music. Rick Wakeman does the happy little keyboard thing. Everything is so happy, and i'm glad to be alive to listen to this. Ah, don't much care for 'Parallels' which is Yes by numbers. Rick does a church organ thing which is very interesting, though. Chris Squire does especially well with the funky melodic bass line. So, still good then? Oh, yeah, but i'm being relative. I relatively don't care for this compared to Yes of the past. The closing 'Awaken' is fifteen minutes long, almost as if it was 1972 again - and closes a Yes album that is easily satisfying. Out of time, out of fashion? Yet still good enough to hold a massive fanbase in raptures. Things wouldn't always be this good, suffice to say.

Going For The One / Turn Of The Century / Parallels / Wonderous Stories / Awaken

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