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Led Zeppelin - led Zeppelin 3
Both better and worse than previous Led Zeppelin for me, but I should explain such a statement. I love the variety here. 'Led Zeppelin III' mixes folkier material with the usual Led Zep headbanging rock stuff with blues influenced stuff, etc, etc. Makes for a more varied set of songs than 'Led Zeppelin II', in any case. Jimmy Page really does do some great stuff here, his parts through the introduction of the blues based 'Since I've Been Loving You' are genuinely classy, as his playing is throughout the entire song and album as a whole, actually. 'Since I've Been Loving You' also features super strong drums, a great vocal performance, etc, etc. So, what's wrong? Well, nothing is, really! Oh, I know what it is. It's too long, Mr Plant sings the word "drag" towards to end of the song, and taking it out of context for my own purposes, i'd say it's the absolute perfect word to use to describe the Led Zeppelin 'Since I've Been Loving You' song and performance. Other less than 'interesting' material, includes the ballad 'Tangerine' ( with a great Plant performance and strong bass performance ) and the folky 'That's The Way' ( which includes pleasant Page guitar parts ). So, good and bad, both? Well, yes. And 'bad' is actually a pretty harsh word to use. The inclusion here of folkier textures isn't a problem at all, as I said earlier, it's a welcome thing, the increased diversity in sound that Led Zeppelin produce for this album is a a welcome thing. But.... stuff like 'That's The Way' is just a little..... boring, in a word. It doesn't go anywhere and doesn't do anything. Pay attention, and you'll discover tracks like this are probably enjoyed more by guys who pay special attention to the guitar playing, to the overall muscianship and little details of the playing - than the average guy who just cares about what it sounds like and how much fun it is.

Speaking of fun, the opening 'Immigrant Song' has fun in spades, absolutely a whole ton of fun. Heavy riffs, heavy playing, good vocals - daft lyrics, it's all here and a Zep classic is born, easy. The closing brace of songs both feature fast, dexterous playing from Mr Page in particular, and both manage to be interesting and fun, at the same time! Neither qualifies as a great song, barely either classifies as a good song, let alone a great one - but the textures are good, the playing is impressive and very listenable. The distortion on the vocals through 'Hats Of To Roy Harper' is a very interesting production touch. Still, i've used the words interesting and fun far too much in this review so far. Gone is the sense of Led Zeppelin being 'an event', for this album at least. This is light stuff, bar the likes of 'Since I've Been Loving You', the decent 'Gallows Pole' and the rock and swing groove of 'Out On The Tiles'.

Immigrant Song / Friends / Celebration Day / Since I've Been Loving You / Out On The Tiles / Gallows Pole / Tangerine / That's The Way / Bron-Y-Aur Stomp / Hats Off To Roy Harper

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