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The Rock Music Forum is a friendly community forum that specialises in Rock Music from the 1970's, arguably the best decade for Rock Music. You can find out about bands like Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Iron Maiden,Deep Purple, Rush and many more.

I do agree that Rock music has it's roots in the 1960's with the likes of the Rolling Stones, Cream and Jim Hendrix kicking it all off. Or even in the 1950's when the likes of Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry were experimenting with a sort of Rock and Roll version of the Blues but few can argue that the 1970's was the Decade for Rock music.

Although we concentrate on Classic Rock music from the 1970's, we also discuss Rock music from the other decades. At our forum their are categories for general Rock music discussion as well as a database of rock Albums from across the decades. You will also get a bio on all the major Rock bands. When you are fed up taking about Classic Rock music, there is always the off topic lounge where you can talk about subjects other than Classic Rock music. Please visit the forum by clicking on the link above and register for a free account.

I was listening to Planet Rock today on the radio and they play some pretty decent rock times on that station, I have to say. It is a pity about the adverts but I suppose they have to make their money somehow.Anyway I suggest you should try it out if you have access to digital radio.


Hawkwind are a Space Rock band formed in the late 1960's by a busker called Dave Brock. Over the years the band has had many line up changes but Dave Brock has always been at the helm. Some noteabl members of Hawkwind include Lemmy, later to form Motorhead, Guitarist Hew Lloyd Langton and Alan Davies to name but a few. There biggest hit of course is Silver Machine but Hawkwind have actually had more than 30 studio albums and almost as many live albums over their long career and are still touring to this day.

Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy were an Irish rock band fronted by the charismatic Phil Lynnot.Also in the line up were ace guitarists Scott Goram and Gary Moore, they had a string of hits in the 70's including waiting for an alibi, jailbreak and the boys are back in town, there album "live and dangerous" is a best seller.

The Who

The Who were formed back in the 1960's by singer songwriter and guitarist Pete Townsend, with Roger Daltry on vocals, John Entwhistle on bass and Keith Moon on drums. Originally they vatered for the 1960's mod scene and their quadrophenia album was a reflection of that but in the 1970's their music turned more to heavy rock with a series of successful albums like The rock opera Tommy, who's next and who are you.


Rush are a Canadian rock band consisting of three talented musicians. Firstly we have bass guitarist and lead singer Teddy Lee, then we have guitarist Alex Lifespan and finally ace drummer Neil Peart. They are more of an albums band than a singles band, there biggest hit of course is spirit if the radio, they also had a minor hit with Tom Sawyer. Most people say there best albums were in the 1970's with classics like fly by night and 2112 but I like some of there later albums too. Rush have now officially retired from the music scene.

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